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 Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan Information
Click link above for information about the 2014-2015 Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan

Refunds for Students Enrolled in
2012-2013 Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan

Virginia Tech students enrolled in the university sponsored health insurance plan administered by Aetna Student Health during the 2012-2013 policy year will be receiving partial refunds.  The refunds are a result of actual claim data and updated data from the prior insurance carrier of the student health plan, which became available after insurance premiums had been set for the Aetna plan.

All refunds will be posted to the student account.  Refunds, net of any balance due the university, will be sent direct deposit to the account on file or checks from the university mailed to the student permanent address on record with the university.

Refund amounts are based upon a percentage of the actual amount that each student paid for their personal and/or family insurance plan.  This is the first of two refunds that will be processed for the students on the 2012-2013 Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan.

We are pleased that Aetna Student Health has joined with the University to ensure that our current Student Health Insurance Plan cost accurately reflects the program. 

Aetna Refund FAQ's Link

Information for Enrolling in the Student Insurance Plan


2014-2015 Plan Changes

At the Student Medical Insurance office, we are interested in your well-being and we want you to succeed during your time at Virginia Tech. Our staff members can assist you by: 

  • Explaining important Virginia Tech health insurance requirements.
  • Clarifying the often-confusing language of insurance (e.g. what's a co-pay? an "in network" provider?).
  • Talking with you about Virginia Tech’s Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP).

We are not an insurance company. We are the customer service office for Virginia Tech's Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP).
If you are a participant in SHIP

  • We can meet with you to discuss your plan benefits.
  • We can help you submit claims.

If you are not a participant in SHIP

  • We will do our best to point you in the right direction to get answers to your questions.
  • Every plan works differently, so your own plan's administrator will be the expert to whom you will turn.

We're here to help!
Please e-mail, call or stop by our Student Services Building to confer with our staff.
Office Hours
Monday through Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm (closed for lunch from Noon to 1pm)


Highlights of the plan include:

  • Enhanced Benefits when used with Schiffert Health Center
  • Coverage anywhere – at school, home or traveling and through the summer
  • Access to the travel assistance services including emergency assistance – available 24/7.
  • Access to Aetna’s nationwide network of health care professionals

At Virginia Tech, domestic students are encouraged, but not required, to have personal health insurance.  International students and Veterinary Medicine students are required to have health insurance either through the school Student Health Insurance Plan or a comparable plan.  Eligible Graduate Assistants wishing to use the health care subsidy must enroll in the Virginia Tech Student Health Insurance Plan.


Insurance plan FAQ  - (comimg soon)

Insurance Definitions


For your convenience the Student Medical Insurance office is located at the
Student Services Building; Room 110.
The hours of operation are 8:00am – Noon and 1:00pm – 5:00pm.
Phone: 540-231-6226
Email :