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Accounts Payable

Number Procedure Name
Last Updated
10305a Review of Financial Activities 01/03/2007
10305b Accounting Approvals html 01/14/2002
20305 Receiving Reports html 06/21/2016
20310 Invoice Payment html 04/05/2016
20310a Business Meals and Refreshments pdf 03/07/2012
20310b Permanent Residency pdf 12/15/2008
20310c Employment Based Visa Expenses pdf 01/15/2016
20310d International ACH Transactions pdf 11/20/2009
20315 Prompt Payment html 06/21/2016
20320 W-9 or W-8 Procedure pdf 06/28/2013
2001e Factors for Proper Classification of Workers pdf 12/03/2003
21005a Invoice Images pdf 03/19/2009
60108a Description of Account Codes for Personnel Services pdf 06/24/2005
60108b Description of Account Codes for Other Than Personnel Services pdf 05/02/2011
23715c Human Subject Selection & Payment pdf 01/29/2013


General Accounting

New Number Procedure Name
Last Updated
60106a Fund Code Listing pdf 07/02/2015
60106b Organization Code Listing pdf 07/02/2015
60107 Program Code Listing pdf 07/02/2015
60108c Account Code Listing pdf 07/02/2015
60108d Location Code Listing pdf 07/02/2015
63011 Bannner Transaction Download pdf 04/03/2014



New Number Procedure Name
Last Updated
20319a Payroll Periods and Pay Days html 10/5/2015
20319b Salary Overpayments html 10/5/2015
20319c Re-Issue of W2 html 10/5/2015
20320b Unemployment Compensation html 10/5/2015
20320c I-9 Procedures html 10/5/2015
23715 Special Payments html 10/5/2015
23715b Special Payments (continued) Foreign National Visitors html  
23800 Fellowship Payments html 10/5/2015
23810 De Minimis Awards html 10/5/2015
23820 Timekeeping System pdf 06/30/2015
23830 Mobile Communication Device pdf 10/17/2016



New Number Procedure Name
Last Updated
20330 Travel Advances pdf 02/29/2016
20335a Travel Procedures Overview pdf 02/29/2016
20335b Hotel and Motel Accommodations pdf 09/22/2016
20335c Meals and Incidental Expenses pdf 02/29/2016
20335d Automobile Travel pdf 09/07/2016
20335e Air Transportation pdf 02/29/2016
20335r Rates for Lodging and M&IE pdf 09/22/2016
20335v Travel and Meal Expense Reimbursement Request pdf 02/29/2016
20335x BOA Visa Corporate Travel Card pdf 07/02/2015
20336x BOA Visa Corporate Travel Card Online Bill Pay Instructions pdf 06/27/2014
20337x BOA Visa Corporate Travel Card Training Instructions pdf 07/16/2015
20345 Moving and Relocation Expenses pdf 09/01/2015